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Chevrolet Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

2022 Chevrolet Silverado EV

Chevrolet is going electric, and fast. Multiple electric vehicle models are already available, and many more are on the way. Chevrolet hybrid vehicles like the Volt paved the way for the current Chevy electric push, so although there are no Chevy hybrid vehicles on sale in the US, there are plenty of Chevrolet electric vehicles available now and in the very near future. Interested in seeing what these vehicles can offer you? Consider a test drive! Feel free to get in touch with us any time. We look forward to showing you the many advantages of electric vehicles, or EVs, in your drives around Rogers.



Full Chevy Hybrid and Chevy Electric Lineup

Here is the full Chevy hybrid and Chevy electric lineup:

  • Bolt: The first modern Chevy EV, the spacious and spritely Bolt is now in its second generation. The perfect runabout for Buffalo drivers, the Bolt is extremely inexpensive to run, and it is one of the least expensive electric vehicles available today. However, it maintains an excellent and stylish interior finish, not to mention premium infotainment and driver assist features.
  • Bolt EUV: Based on the Bolt, the Bolt EUV adds legroom and cargo space, taking the perfect electric hatchback and turning it into an excellent compact crossover SUV. If your back seats are used most days out of the week, the Bolt EUV will be very much worth it.
  • Silverado EV: Based on the patently wild Hummer EV’s battery technology and underpinnings, the Silverado EV promises to take that superlative supertruck’s features and offer them in a more practical, down to earth package. Extreme power and speed will still be a part of the equation, though.
  • Blazer EV SS: Aggressively styled and powerfully equipped, the Blazer EV SS offers supercar speed and torque with the everyday practicality of a normal crossover. Add to that a reasonable price tag in line with the average cost of a new car, and all the practical benefits of simply being electric, and the upcoming Blazer EV SS is likely to be a hit.
  • Equinox EV: A compact crossover SUV a size up from the Bolt EUV and a size down from the Blazer EV SS, the Equinox EV will be built to offer the effortless transportation today’s standard Equinox models do, just with all the electric savings, performance, safety, and practicality.

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