Check My Battery for Free in December

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Your Chevy vehicle’s battery is an essential component to its performance on the Rogers roads. Whether you’ve been seeing some signs that the battery life may be approaching its end or you just want a professional to take a look, come by Cornerstone Chevrolet in December for a free battery check! Our certified service technicians can tell you if it is in proper working condition and if there is any action you need to take. Learn more about the importance of battery service below. 

Why is Battery Service Important?

Battery service can’t be overlooked as a dead battery will ruin your whole day in the Buffalo area. While there are several auto maintenance you have to keep up with, your vehicle won’t be able to start, let alone run without a working battery. Even if you get it checked when you come to Cornerstone Chevrolet for your scheduled maintenance services or you perform battery tests yourself, more frequent checks can’t hurt! 

Signs of a Poor Battery Status

If it has been four years since your last battery replacement or you have been noticing the following signs, then be sure to take advantage of our coupon in December:

  • Dimming headlights
  • More frequent need for engine revving or jump starts
  • Takes longer to start the engine 
  • Unusual power fluctuations

Plus, if we come across any issues when we check the health of the battery, we will know how to resolve them. We also provide battery replacement service if your car needs it! 

Get Certified Battery Service at Cornerstone Chevrolet 

Schedule an appointment for December, bring a copy of our coupon, and make your way to our Monticello dealership. When you get here, tell one of our service technicians “check my battery” and we will get right on it! We are excited to see you at our center whether you’ve been here before or not. If you want more battery information or want to learn how to check your car’s battery health, be sure to contact us


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