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Everything You Need to Know about Chevy Batteries

How to Reset the Battery Light on a Chevy

Nothing is more worrying than seeing your Chevy’s battery light pop on. The little indicator lets you know that something is critically wrong with your battery and that it could shortly stop functioning, leaving your vehicle dead on the side of the Rogers road. As soon as that light comes on, it’s best to stop, open up the hood, and diagnose the problem. If it’s something simple, like a loose connection or a battery that’s low on juice, you can take it home and remedy the situation relatively quickly. But what happens when you replace the battery, tighten the connection, and the light is still on? How do you reset the car battery light?

Unfortunately, if your car battery light is on after replacing the battery, there may be more to the issue than meets the eye. Read on about why your battery light is on after installing a new battery and how to reset your car battery light with the service team at Cornerstone Chevrolet.

Why is the Battery Light On After Replacing the Battery?

If the battery light is on with a new battery recently installed, the battery itself may not be the issue. There are several common reasons your battery light might still be on, such as: 

  • A Faulty Alternator: The alternator in your vehicle uses the energy from the engine into electricity that not only powers your in-cabin electronics but also charges your battery. If your alternator has a fault, the battery will receive no charge while you run your car, depleting it much faster than normal. 
  • A Bad Serpentine Belt:The serpentine belt, or drive belt, is responsible for moving the energy from the engine to the alternator. If the serpentine belt becomes damaged or loosed, the amount of energy moving from the engine to the alternator will degrade, leaving you less electricity to power and charge your battery.
  • Poor Battery Connection: One of the most common problems with battery connections is corrosion. If your battery terminal is significantly corroded, dirty, or cracked, even the tightest connections on the terminals may not be enough to keep the flow of energy moving. 
  • Wiring Damage: Animal damage, such as from mice or rats chewing on cables, can be another cause of your battery light remaining on. Check the wires in your vehicle to see if any uninvited guests have been having a munch on the casings.

How to Reset the Car Battery Light

The best way to reset the car battery light on a Chevy is to have the issue fixed. If you can’t find any issues from your initial inspection, or you need help fixing them, schedule an appointment with our service team to have your vehicle inspected. Our certified technicians will identify the issue that’s keeping your battery light on and will be able to repair it so that the battery light turns off.

If the battery light remains on and you’re certain there’s nothing wrong, the only way to reset the battery light is to use an OBDII car code scanner to clear out all the warning codes. That said, this is not the recommended solution– if your battery light is on after replacing the battery, there’s probably more to it than a simple replacement. Stop by Cornerstone Chevrolet’s service center to ensure you stay safe on Buffalo streets.

How to Remove a Car Battery

Your car battery is an essential part of your vehicle, but it doesn’t last forever. Whether checking your battery for signs of damage or picking up a replacement battery from our parts department, learning how to remove a car battery safely can save you a trip to the dealership – but it’s important to do it properly. Find out the right techniques for removing a car battery with Cornerstone Chevrolet, serving the Rogers and Elk River area.

Getting Prepared

Batteries can give you a powerful shock, so before you do anything, grab a pair of insulated work gloves and a set of safety goggles. Not only will this protect you from electrical shock, but also any corrosive agents that might be present. Also, be sure to turn off your car to prevent any sparks from igniting. Here are a few other tips:

  • Zip ties and other restraints will help to keep battery cables in place. You’ll want to keep them from touching to prevent sparks and even fire.
  • Take off necklaces, bracelets, watches, and other jewelry. These materials can conduct electricity.
  • Park the car in a well-ventilated area to prevent breathing in harmful fumes.

Removal Process

Removing a car battery can be a little bit tricky, especially if you’re popping the hood for the first time. We recommend keeping your owner’s manual nearby. This booklet offers information specific to your vehicle, along with plenty of diagrams to help you find each component easily.

  • Locate the negative terminal. Look for a black plastic cover or a minus sign on the post.
  • Hold the bolt head of the negative terminal still with a wrench or pliers.
  • Use the other pliers or wrench to remove the nut, and pull off the negative cable. Place it aside, away from the battery.
  • Repeat with the positive cable and be sure that you don’t let the two cables touch.
  • If the battery has a securing bracket, use your pliers or wrench to release the screws and bolts.
  • Lift the battery straight out of the bracket, but be careful. Some batteries weigh up to 40 pounds.

If you’d prefer to let our service department take care of the process for you, simply schedule your service online. We’d be happy to take care of everything from battery replacement to a full inspection at your convenience.

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