Chevy Redline Edition Model Vehicles

May 27th, 2022 by

2022 Chevrolet Blazer 3LT Redline Edition

If any drivers in the Rogers or Buffalo area prefer one vehicle to satisfy their performance cravings and daily driver needs, Cornerstone Chevrolet has the answer in the Chevy Redline Edition. The sleek Redline design is available in all of your favorite Chevrolet trucks, cars, and SUVs at Cornerstone Chevrolet



Chevy Redline Features

So, what makes the Chevy Redline special? With this Chevrolet trim package, it’s all about spirit and personality. Each Redline Edition model gets trademark distinctions like a blacked-out grille accented with the black Chevy bowtie. The black wheels and unmistakable red hash marks contribute to the sleek Chevy Redline look, while the black-and-red outlined nameplate drives home the signature branding. 

Chevy Redline Lineup 

Besides the attractive trim features, the Redline Edition also delivers brand-specific features. The full Redline Edition lineup includes: 

Chevy Silverado Redline

The specific features of the Chevy Silverado Redline include red recovery hooks, black assist steps, and 20-inch black rims with red accents. The red rectangular dual exhaust tips put an exclamation point on this double cab model.

Chevy Colorado Redline

Upgrading to a 2022 Chevy Colorado Redline package nets you a spray-on bed liner to handle your hauling needs to and from St. Cloud. You’ll also capture off-road step bars, black body moldings, and red tow hooks. 

Chevy Malibu Redline

The 2022 Chevy Malibu steps up the already polished look with Redline additions that include a leather-wrapped steering wheel, Bose speaker system, and 19-inch black-painted aluminum wheels with red accents. 

Chevy Camaro Redline

The 2022 Chevy Camaro Redline package turns heads with 20-inch rims, Redline Edition graphics, red seat belts, and carpeted floor mats. 

Chevy Equinox Redline

The Chevy Trax Redline package provides attitude and style with blacked-out windows, 19-inch rims, black mirror caps, and an all-black grille. 

Chevy Traverse Redline

Upgrades to the Chevy Traverse Redline package include 19-inch rims, high-gloss black door handles, dark tail lamps, dual Skyscape two-panel sunroof, and trailering upgrades. Cornerstone Chevrolet has all the ordering options available if you’re looking for a Chevy Traverse Redline for sale. 

Chevy Blazer Redline

2022 Chevy Blazer Redlines provide leather seats (heated drivers), 20-inch rims, a rearview mirror camera, and the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Plus system with navigation. 

2022 Redline Models Available at Cornerstone Chevrolet

When you’re looking for a daily driver and want a unique style and personality without purchasing two vehicles, the Redline package is the perfect upgrade. If you still have questions regarding the Redline models or financing options, please contact us or visit Cornerstone Chevrolet in person! 


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